Creating Sustainable Competitive Advantage for its Customers

Qualityze App Schematic
Qualityze App Schematic


“Qualityze was born with the mission to instill a culture of quality that provides value to its customers.”

Innovative businesses are focused on customer-centric approaches for conducting business in this competitive environment. Some of the challenges include inefficiencies caused by fragmented systems, manual operational metrics calculations, quality teams independently performing quality work in a silo with minimal cross-functional collaboration, with ineffective supplier communication. One of the main challenges is consolidating all the core quality processes into a single system to have a comprehensive view of data across the organization. Qualityze, built on the Salesforce platform, is a game-changer for quality systems going forward. Qualityze helps manufacturers overcome these challenges, by connecting people with actionable data without complicated technology requirements. Qualityze Next-Generation Enterprise Quality Management Solution (EQMS) prepares manufacturers for the next competitive changes on the horizon while enabling them to solve traditional quality issues today, without being concerned about technology.

The Manufacturing sector is evolving, creating new opportunities and challenges for business leaders. Traditional quality solutions are built on old technology and high-cost platforms. They are expensive to maintain and upgrade, providing Qualityze an advantage by bringing its next-generation quality management solution to the marketplace that is easier to use, configure and faster to implement. Qualityze’s EQMS supports the complete quality life cycle with the ability to process Non-conformances, CAPA’s, Audits, Out of Specification, manage documents, employee training, suppliers management, customer complaints, manage equipment maintenance and calibration, and facilitate change management while ensuring compliance in a single centralized quality system that can be integrated with your ERP, PLM, LIMS, and CRM systems.

Qualityze uses highly efficient, structured, and disciplined processes to enable an organization to achieve and maintain sustainable growth. For example, Qualityze Change Management enables all organizational changes related to the Product, Process, IT, Supplier, and Facility to be easily managed by your employees and suppliers to work seamlessly in achieving operational excellence and compliance.

Qualityze Implementation Methodology (QIM) is derived from standards such as PMP, ISO, and others. One of the significant benefits Qualityze brings to all sectors is a reduced time to deploy, help minimize risks, and automate configurations with its reusable library of project templates. Qualityze has reduced the implementation time by almost 70 percent. The Qualityze platform easily integrates with ERP, PLM, MES, LIMS, and CRM systems. The fact that Qualityze EQMS can be deployed faster with lower on-going maintenance is a significant advantage for companies. For example, Qualityze worked with a multibillion-dollar enterprise organization to reduce manual efforts and improve the accuracy of information gathered for their quality management system. Qualityze Implementations primarily focuses on helping businesses achieve their strategic goals and results. Today, Qualityze continues to be in constant contact with the customer even after the project is live to ensure the system’s adoption and usage are optimal.

In another instance, one of the pharmaceutical manufacturing company had multiple disparate quality systems. Some of these systems were long time contributors and heavily integrated into its corporate IT architecture. Having various applications to manage quality processes using a decentralized system approach complicated the quality management process. Their goal was to consolidate multiple decentralized quality systems that managed their production and quality processes into a single integrated quality management system and maintain regulatory compliance. Qualityze was able to consolidate various quality systems into its platform with a unique user interface, which is intuitive, user-friendly, and remain cost-effective. Qualityze on the Salesforce platform covers the need for security, scalability, reliability, analytics, and compliance for enterprise software.

“Change is the only constant” – even when it comes to quality management, and Qualityze continuously strives to bring new products and services to the marketplace to address their customers’ requirements. “Qualityze was born with the mission to instill a culture of quality to provide value to our customers,” says Chandra Shekar, Founder & CEO of Qualityze.

Utilizing the powerful platform features such as Community Portals, Analytics, Chatter, IoT, AI with Lightning-enabled interfaces along with Qualityze intellectual capital helps customers achieve greater success through a quality focus. Qualityze EQMS brings new industry trends and looks forward to integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet Of Things (IoT) services to its core products.