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Raul Villar
Raul Villar, CEO


“For 30 years we’ve been one step ahead so that by the time our customers face a new problem, we already have a solution in place.”

Paycor’s 40K+ customers are leaders of businesses, typically with 1,000 employees or less. As leaders responsible for the health and growth of their organizations and their people, they face unique challenges. There are day-to-day, operational struggles of managing people and processes, and longer-term challenges, like building a company culture. To do their jobs, leaders need human capital management technology (HCM).

However, most HR software implementations fail—SHRM found that the failure rate is as high as 70%. Paycor believes they fail because most vendors sell off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all technology. That’s why Paycor takes time to understand the unique business challenges of their customers. Paycor understands their customers’ industry, the tax and compliance implications of their geographies, and their organizational culture and goals. Paycor applies that deeper understanding to every aspect of their engagement with customers, from the earliest sales interactions through a guided implementation through to personalized, responsive support.

Paycor’s HCM platform saves leaders time by automating and streamlining nearly every aspect of people management, from the way they recruit, pay, develop and retain employees. Think of Paycor’s HCM platform as a concierge built for business leaders—it helps you get work done and think through problems, like turnover, recruiting hard-to-fill roles, optimizing benefits and more.

As an example of Paycor’s industry expertise, take manufacturing. Paycor offers a consultative approach when selling to and onboarding manufacturing clients. They take time to understand and properly evaluate their business needs. Paycor guarantees best-in-class implementation by assigning skill-based implementation experts to their manufacturing clients, which includes training and education to ensure companies are fully utilizing the Paycor product suite. After implementation, they seamlessly hand off clients to certified advocates, as part of their Personalized Support model that expertly matches clients with exactly the right skilled support specialist. To all manufacturing clients, Paycor offers ongoing thought leadership in the form of webinars, focus groups, newsletters and other content.

Paycor’s approach is working. Paycor now pays 240,000 manufacturing employees. “We have nearly 3,000 manufacturing clients (our current total client base exceeds 40,000). And we’ve been serving the manufacturing industry for 30 years,” says Raul Villar Jr., CEO of Paycor. “Paycor constantly  refines and enhances our platform based on user input and our own monitoring of the more than 2 million users who engage with our technology.” Paycor launches new functionality every month. “For our manufacturing clients, we have a particular focus on automating key workflows between talent management and workforce management,” adds Raul. “We’ve found that manufacturers benefit from Paycor’s ability to automate and streamline their HR and finance workflows; in many cases, we free our clients from legacy manual, spreadsheet-driven HR processes.”

Paycor successfully pivoted in the early months of COVID, transitioned their customer support to a distributed network and shifted most of their Associates to a virtual environment. They were among the first HCM providers to launch a comprehensive Coronavirus Support Center, including a robust webinar program that provided deep dives into real-time issues affecting their clients. Paycor was also among the very first HR tech providers to update their software to automate the process of applying for all government relief funds, such as PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) and CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act).

Paycor’s roadmap is focused on building the next generation of products that business leaders need to stay ahead of the curve, differentiate against the competition and create great places for employees to work. “Business leaders are constantly faced with new challenges, and so Paycor is always innovating. For 30 years we’ve been one step ahead so that by the time our customers face a new problem, we already have a solution in place,” adds Raul.