From Quality to Solutions Analytics



Jeffrey T. Slovin
Jeffrey T. Slovin, CEO and President


From Quality to Solutions Analytics: Minitab Has Evolved into Manufacturing Organizations’ Partner of Choice to Help Tackle Their Biggest Challenges.

For nearly 50 years, Minitab has been a market leader in helping companies improve the quality of their products and their processes. Over the past 18 months, Minitab has transformed to become an end-to-end enterprise solution provider with an expanded offering, helping manufacturing organizations’ address challenges across their organization. As Minitab continues to launch new innovations that create significant value for their customers, we highlight Minitab as one of MyTechMag’s 10 Manufacturing Tech Vendors to Watch Out in 2020.

“Minitab has an unparalleled and long history of helping customers address manufacturing challenges. Being a trusted advisor with a unique integrated approach of software and services, our customers began asking us for more help as their businesses grew and became more complex. As our customers evolved, we invested to better meet their needs. Our expanded solutions portfolio truly helps them leverage their data to make better decisions that create significant value for their organizations,” said Jeffrey T. Slovin, CEO and President of Minitab.

Minitab’s flagship product, Minitab Statistical Software, has been setting the standard for data analysis for manufacturing organizations since its launch in the late 1970s. Recent improvements including a new, more intuitive user interface, significantly faster processing speeds and the addition of more advanced predictive analytics have expanded the utility of the product across an organization. For example, Minitab’s proprietary Classification and Regression Tree (CARTTM) command combines the power of machine learning with decision tree visualizations, empowering white-collar professionals to leverage powerful analytics in a simple command to make better, data-driven decisions quickly.

Equally exciting, in the past year, Minitab launched Minitab WorkspaceTM, a new solution that enables users to build and utilize visual tools like process maps and value stream maps. Additionally, Minitab WorkspaceTM has a library of forms and templates for every part of an organization. From organizational charts for Human Resources professionals, Gannt charts for marketing professionals and Failure Modes and Effects Analysis forms for engineers, to SWOT analysis for strategic planning and Gemba Walk templates for manufacturing professionals, Minitab WorkspaceTM is helping implement structured problem-solving solutions across an organization.

Highlighting Minitab as a “Manufacturing Tech Vendor to Watch Out in 2020” is not only about what Minitab has brought to market, but the promise of the next generation of solutions. In late 2020, Minitab is bringing solutions to the market to help customers accelerate their digital transformation. By bringing the flagship software to the cloud, Minitab will enable access to data from anywhere and anytime, while also facilitate the sharing of analysis to expedite a company’s transformation. Minitab is also launching products to enhance the connectivity of all of its solutions to company data sources, speeding up the ability to analyze data and take value-creating actions sooner.

Mr. Slovin added: “Everyone talks about digital transformation and yet so many organizations struggle with it. For nearly 50 years, Minitab has helped organizations improve and evolve into stronger companies with higher quality products. With our newest solutions, Minitab is uniquely positioned to help customers achieve business excellence through digital transformation for the next 50 years and beyond.”