Accelerating the Manufacturing Arena

Len Emmick
Len Emmick, CEO,Americas


Most manufacturing companies have data available for making significant business impacts if they could consume and analyze all their data more efficiently. But the biggest challenge for all companies today is harvesting the ever-growing volume, velocity and variety of data. Regardless if it’s related to the operational, inventory and/or vendor ecosystems, there is still unrealized potential. Denmark-based TARGIT stands out of the crowd because they have developed best practices called Accelerators for companies in the manufacturing space. Accelerators are a combination of pre-built analysis, machine-assisted data discovery and human expertise which allow TARGIT customers to create impactful insights within a short time and enable users across these organizations to make data-driven decisions without an overwhelming requirement to have deep expertise in advanced data or technology skillsets.

TARGIT is one of the oldest Business Intelligence and Analytics companies around and has worked with manufacturers for close to 20 years. Along the way, they have developed many patents in the areas of analysis, usability, visualization and data management. They have a strong legacy of innovation and being adopted as a BI platform of choice for many ERP vendors. As importantly, they have amassed more than 6,000 customers globally and are recognized as the global leader in Product Satisfaction, Customer Satisfaction, User Support and Mobile BI per BARC’s 2018 BI survey results – the world’s largest BI survey.

One of the key functional areas of note is TARGIT’s user experience and data governance, which provides more efficient corporate control of access to data and documents – as well as making it easier to grant users access to add new data sources and build their own models and dashboards. From there, it can be promoted to more corporate usages when approved for general use by the BI team.

Assuming companies have a good handle on utilizing their data, incorporating TARGIT in that process can assist in solving a recurring challenge of managing in a global marketplace that is increasingly turbulent, with daily changes in trade patterns, raw material availability and cost and vendor economics. The reason TARGIT is one of the most sought-after solution providers is that they are uber-focused on innovation and applying new tech in practical ways. Most recently, they are innovating in the areas of Cloud and AI/Machine Learning, unleashing these modern technologies to monitor the marketplace and bring fresh insights to the right people at the right time. And later this year they are deploying the first version of a more conversational interface.

There are really two things that make TARGIT stand out compared to many of the mega BI vendors. First, TARGIT delivers a modern, end-to-end platform suitable for SMB and larger enterprises alike without having acquired and bolted-on technologies to accomplish the heavy lifting of data ingestion, prep, organization, visualization and analysis. Many vendors today started with and are proficient on the front-end, then glued-on critical elements of the overall architecture stack which creates a poor user experience, performance, maintenance and support results. And equally important is TARGIT’s philosophy of practical innovation – adding new features and functions with significant customer input and focused on business impact those innovations can make for the customer. TARGIT is founded and operated with customer satisfaction in mind which is evident in its 91% referral and 99% renewal ratings.

TARGIT has helped a long-range of manufacturing companies, such as Westinghouse, Giant Bicycles, Monin and Plano Molding, run their business more efficiently, yielding further optimization in all aspects of their business from inventory to vendor performance. One of TARGIT’s customers, a clothing manufacturing company with a brick-and-mortar retail and eCommerce presence, recently did a study that showed better control of inventory, turnover and production – delivering improvements on the company’s bottom line of about 20 to 30 percent.

In the coming months, TARGIT will release its next-generation BI and Analytics platform (analogous to what Gartner has termed Augmented Analytics) along with their own Cloud. TARGIT is betting that its practical and business-focused approach in delivering these new technologies to the masses will unlock the promise the marketplace has been waiting for.